I had my fourth fight of the year. The fight with Cunningham in Bethlehem went down in history. I won, but not my or my fans satisfaction. My fans were not happy. The reporters mainly showed a negative side of the fight. I read the articles where there was negativity but also a lot of praise based on my performance. The judges verdict was like a huge snowball, which rolled from the U.S. to Poland and got more comments on the internet.

I finished my training yesterday and now it's time for my body to recover. I am ready for another fight with Steve Cunningham. This fight has a few meaning s to me and to Steve. He will be fighting with a Polish fighter for the fourth time.He fought with Krzysztof Wlodarczyk twice. He lost the first fight and then he got his IBF federation belt.  Now for the second time he will fight with me. I know that he remembers our past three fights very well.  He has things to settle with me since i won in 12/11/2008 and I took the world IBF federation title.

The American holiday, Thanksgiving gave me an excuse for a quick break from all my training. To have a turkey on the table is American tradition for over 80 years. I sat at the table with my wife and daughters. This reminded me that we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.

All of USA lived through hurricane Sandy. The Eastern shore of the US, where my house is located, got hit right with the eye of the storm. New York, New Jersey was heavily hit with water and strong winds which destroyed trees, houses and electrical infrastructure. There was no electricity or gas. My family and I lived through the hard times but thankfully nothing bad happened to us. For a few weeks I started training but the losses from the hurricane have limited my training options.

I was very careful about releasing any information about the fight. The media speculated about my chances against Solis for about a month. The result of the talks between the promoters is known, Solis' agents didn't receive the full contract in the delegated time frame. Therefore there won't be a fight with the famous Cuban boxer and the results of that fight would have been important for the both of us.

I never chose an easy solution and always a sporty road to a goal. Everything points to another big sport calling me. Promoters are working on my next fight. The media is speculating and is telling the world about my future opponent. I as always, am waiting for the word that the contract has been signed by both sides. Then everything will be clear. I am not idly waiting for these news. First was a fishing trip with friends and then a few Polish get togethers. Now I am training for the second week in New Jersey.

For a few days I waited in silence and thought about how people were judging my fight with Walker. I read many different articles. Today after calming my emotions, I can say that many fans appreciated my win. This time the predictions proved themselves in the ring. It was a war of fists. 

Another training camp is behind me. Last week I devoted some time for meetings and Polish picnics. Over 11 thousand people came to the Polish-American Festival in American Czestochowa. It was organized by a Catholic seminary called Ojcow Paulinow located in Doylestown, PA. Polish group of Gorale came from Chicago. I had a very enjoyable time meeting them. Even though I am far from home I had a strong sense of belonging here being among so many of my fellow countrymen. You could feel Poland by seeing peoples' clothes, their conversations and the overall great atmosphere. Mentally I am tired from training so hard. Yesterday in Newark there was a press conference with all the boxers representing themselves on Saturday night.

Another few weeks of training is behind me. Adam showed up at the gym and asked if we needed him. Adam Kownacki, there is talk about him returning to the ring. His left hand was injured and he did not fight in over a year. He called Ziggy Rozalski and asked for training time in the gym while I prepare for the fight with Walker. We quickly came to an understanding and Roger Bloodworth offered to help train Adam. This way after a few sessions Adam was sparring with Adamek and doing pretty well. You can see in him a hunger for boxing and a heart for it.