Roger Bloodworth, Ziggy Rozalski and I were on Ziggys yacht on Lake George. The week of rest was very nice because I was still getting used to the time change in the USA. Last Sunday I went along with my trainer to the American Czestochowa, where I was warmly greeted. Tomorrow there will be a press conference devoted to my August 8th fight with Walker in the Prudential Center.

On Monday I will be training in New Jersey. The first plan was technique with Roger Bloodworth. On Wednesday I also started strength training with Tylor Woodman. We started right out of the gate but August 8th is not that far away. It is important to me that after living in the U.S. for 4 years I have adapted to the time here. It takes longer for me to adapt when I fly to Poland, only after 2-3 weeks I am used to the time change. The only sure thing about the fight in August is that it is in the Prudential Center in Newark.

After a few days the emotions wore off and the comments about the fight appeared. I said how I felt right after  the fight.  Overall I knew the fight was not going to be easy after seeing what Chambers has done in the past. His fights that happened over the past few years in the HW division showed how a fight with him could look. Chambers decided to take advantage of the rising occasion and he agreed to the fight with me.

I have a few weeks of hard training behind me so it's time to slow down. This week we will do lighter training and then it's total relaxation before the fight. I have heard many opinions and comments about my chances against Eddie Chambers. I always remain calm and concentrated because I know I prepared well. I still believe that my disposition on the day of the fight will be good. Training allowed me to replace some fat with muscle.

Day after day I train for the fight with Eddy Chambers. On April 19th in Newark there was a press conference to promote our fight. There were no predictions from either side Eddie confidently said that he will win this fight. He stated that the fight will be interesting and fast. He promised a very interesting fight and that he is going to take advantage of this opportunity. I know that I have to win this fight and I will.

Everything went very quickly and smoothly. Nearly two weeks after my fight with Aguilera I signed a contract to fight with Eddie Chambers. The fight will be on the 16th of June in the well-known Prudential Center in Newark. NBC Sports Network will be airing the fight. In Poland I believe Polsat will be airing it.

A lot has happened on the evening of March 24th in the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. A small hall where in one night three ex world champions were to fight- Liachowicz, Judah and Adamek. I felt great that day. My half a year off after the Kliczko fight has sure helped me. I trained for over ten weeks and was well prepared for the fight with Nagy.

It's the end of training and the press conference and the weigh-in are behind me. Now only a short walk and waiting for the next fight. At the press conference I stood next to Nagy eye to eye. This fact always has to be commented. He is a little bit shorter than me and is a nice guy over all. He admitted during the press conference that I was bigger than he expected. That was a point for me in the psychological fight.

Yesterday in world boxing and fitness center in Jersey City (New Jersey) I had a media training before my fight with Nagi Aguilera (17-6, 12 KO), which will take place on Saturday, March 24th in Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, NY. Link:

Instead of training in the ring, I am training patience and plan change. I want to have more influence on how to plan my further career. I have a few ideas for my life which I would like to make reality. My last three years in USA were successful.  Right now I would like to make many changes which allow me to have a larger influence in the decision making. I am putting 2-3 years into the ring and I would like to use that time wisely. I need about two more weeks to present my own sport plans.