Today, January 17th 2012, the boxing world is reminiscing Muhammad Ali's fights. Today he is an idol to many people and he is celebrating his 70th birthday. I wish him the best health because in his case that is what is most important. Today he is sick and quiet and must depend on help from family.

The Christmas tree is up and smells of holidays foods and cake are coming from the kitchen. Christmas Eve we spent with family and Christmas day was spent among friends. Later a family trip to Lake Placid to ski and for the New Year. We will welcome the New Year in American mountains instead of Poland. After that we will return to Kearn and prepare for my trip to St. Louis.  I made plans with Roger Bloodworth for January 5th. That's how our closest plans are looking. What will happen with me after that is a big question mark. On December 18th I was with Ziggy Rozalski in New York and we received little statues. Ziggy was recognized as the best promoter in New York and I for professional boxing in New York.  

From December 5th I will be training again in St. Louis. A short family vacation in Aruba and a birthday spent in Lake Placid, were my only few days of getting away from training. I swam a lot and ran on the beach in Aruba. In Lake Placid I strengthened my legs by skiing. Roger Bloodworth prepared another plan full of training to strengthen me.The trainings are supposed to enhance my balance and my ability to keep my position while fighting.

I was quiet for a long time but now it is time for another portion of information about my plans for the future. After I came back from Poland I had to rest for a week because I had gotten sick while I was there.  A rich program during my stay including traveling many miles, meeting with Las Vegas reps had to all go on despite my physical condition.

I have been realizing the program put together in Poland by our new sponsor, Las Vegas for the past 10 days. I was in Lodz for LKS match against Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala, where I had a chance to meet many boxing fans. I also met up with a big LKS fan, Marcin Gortat who proposed a sports rivarly between us.

First steps and first interviews at the Mariott hotel at the airport.

At the airport he gave interviews to Polsat and Orange TV stations. He also took part in a Newseek interview which will be up on Monday. 

I lost against the world champion, Witalij Kliczko. His hit in the second round on mynear lasted the whole fight. He paralyzed my legs and arms. In this situation o wanted to slowly rebuild myself in the next rounds. This wasn't easy because Witalij was constantly attacking me and did not give me a second to breathe.

I am losing the weigh in again and I was supposed to be at least 100 kg. My opponent was 12 kg more than I was. My skimpy 98 kilograms is the same result that I got from other weigh in ceremonies. If I stabilized my weight for such a long time that may also mean that my speed in the ring has to be the same.

There are only three days left until the fight with Witalij. The week spent in Poland should have let me get accomodated. Unfortunatlry constant new business doesn't allow me to be bored. The auction in Wiazowa went well and a significant amount was collected for the hospice. Later a few days spent in Gilowice allowed me to catch my breath.

In a week is the last training in Bushkill. After that, quick packing and a flight to Poland. September 1st  I  will be landing in the Chopin airport in Warsaw to fly to Krakow. Its unreal how quickly the past few weeks of training have went by. I left a lot of sweat and hard work in that beautiful place. With the hard physical training came hard psychological training as well. A few days ago I lived through my first earthquake. I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden I started shaking in my room.