There is a lot going on in Bushkill but not much makes it outside. In the perfect atmosphere two sparring partners try to defeat me in the ring. Many rounds and changes of sparring partners and realizing my next tactical moves. I watched Witalij's fights online. In the background of a training arena in Austria there is a huge LCD TV and the Adamek-Banks fight. Only this way I can see my good and bad attributes.

In Bushkill, where I live and train during the hot days. Today its 104 degrees in the shade. On days like this instead of daily running I chose intense swimming for 45 miutes.

Time goes by quickly, a month of my intense training has already gone by. I'm not going to name every exercise that Tyler Woodman and Roger Bloodworth recommended for me. Lifting a lot of metal and pouring out gallons of sweat is typical of my training. The goal is simple, to strengthen my arm, leg and abdominal muscles.

Tomorrow we are starting strength training with Tyler Woodman, he prepared a new set of excercises for me. I spent the last few days with Ziggy and with friends at Alexander lake between Canada and USA.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who took part in organizing our stay in Poland. Special thanks to Infinity Polska Sp. z.o.o which lent me a car for my stay in Poland and in Germany, an Infinity M37.

On may 20th I landed in Krakow with Ziggy Rozalski and Robert Piwowarczyk. Then I gave short interviews at the airport for the press and tv. Later we had dinner in the center of Krakow at a restaurant called "at Grandma Malina's" to which the owner of the restaurant, Robert Wasowicz, invited us. Robert is a huge boxing fan and tries to be at all of my fights. In the evening we drove off home to Gilowice. On saturday may 21st I invited my closest friends and family to a drive "under jelenie".

This is my request to authorize ms. Violetta karbanska.

The future gala in Newark is the last obstacle before me. Now all that there is left is organizing the event and training before my fight with Kliczko. My fight with McBride gave me a lot of satisfaction from my tactics that I had talked about with my trainer. For the full twelve rounds I fought the fight how I wanted.

Once again, I finished training camp to fight in the ring. This time I improved my skills in peace and quiet of a Pocono Mountains. Many times in interviews with the media pointed out that with every training camp I'll be back very happy. I say simply, that I still learn something new. This is undoubtedly thanks to trainers with whom I work. Over the last year followed a number of new exercises, which in previous years, a career I did not recognize.