Time passes quickly, the banner on the website shows 26 days to the next battle with Kevin Mc Bride. Bushikill workouts, a charming corner of Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, is a kind of asylum. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities I have been training every day. Elements of strength training and sparings.  I also practiced combinations of punches, ran through forest trails and swam. There are elements of strength training. Trainer Roger Bloodworth has discussed with me the most important tactical elements that I need to accomplish in the ring. 

The first week of training in the Poconos is already behind me. Our training base in the Fernwood hotel http://www.fernwoodhotel.com/bushkill_falls.php allowed us to have multi faceted training.  A full size ring, a swimming pool a gym and a sauna all allowed a comfortable setting for training.

Negotiations, negotiations and after negtiations. Almost everything is clear and the contracts for both fights are signed. The time of the fight in Newark with  Mc Bride might still come across some changes. The promotors are doing everything they can to find another free time in the Prudential Center. I triain by myself three times a week and am waiting for the finalized decisions.  Roger Bloodworth shuld be coming back February 20th.

First of all I would like to thank all boxing fans for more than 165 thousand votes for me in Przegląd Sportowy and  TVP plebiscite. Fifth place in the plebiscite is a big distinguishment for me. I will put up the trophy I received for auction and all the profits will go to charity.

A week ago in my New Year blog I said that I hope to win the world title until the end of 2011. Today everything points to an agreement being signed for a fight with Władimir Kliczko. The ring will be at the new Stadium in Wrocław. Our location has many practical aspects.

Today on the last day of the year its time to sum things up. We are in Lake Placid on vacation for two days with Ziggy Rozalski and our families. Here we will welcome the New Year together. Before this I must thank many people who helped me accomplish what I did in 2010. This was a very difficult yet very accomplished year for me. I got a taste of the Heavyweight division. I had four fight with different opponents.I mostly appreciate the win against the strong Arreola and against the huge Grant. - says in his blog Tomasz Adamek (43-1, 28 KO).

photo: Mike Gladysz

Yesterday in the Prudential Center I had my fifth fight in the heavyweight division. Before the fight we had a moment of silence at my request for my first trainer, Stanislaw Orlicki, who passed away on December 4th.  I remember my first steps in amateur boxing and my first boxing lessons with Stansilaw Orlicki and Stefan Gawron. Its thanks to them that I quit soccer and picked up boxing.

Today I ended my sparring and my sparring partners were - Tor Hamer and Israel Garcia.  I have my own opinion about these fights and more appropriate would be Roger Bloodworth’s views on them.  In publicized interviews Roger pointed out what we were able to achieve in these trainings.

Today in U.S.A. Thanksgiving was being celebrated. We will sit at the table and as the tradition calls for, recall what we are thankful for achieving in U.S.A. this year.This tradition dates back to the 17th century and data on this topic can be found at http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzie%C5%84_Dzi%C4%99kczynienia#Dzie.C5.84_Dzi.C4.99kczynienia_w_