Last Thursday I took part in the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony during which titles were given to twelve people. After receiving the invitation I thought to myself that this was another get together with the boxing circle from the New Jersey area.  It wasn’t until I arrives in The Venetian that I found out that I was on the award list. In the special bulletin that was made for this event I found my biography and photos. And on this day, which in Poland is being celebrated as independence day, far away from my home country, I was receiving the title of the best boxer in 2010 in New Jersey.

I train five times a week and during the weekend I try to stay far away from the gym.  We spent this past weekend with our families in Atlantic City where we were invited to a local boxing gala. Through the whole week I am sparring with Toru Hamer, who hits hard and is fast in the ring. I needed that. Hamer forces me to maximum concentration with immense effort. My trainer tells me what combinations of hits I should practice as well as paying attention to my figure during the fight.  Bent legs, lessening my body’s surface area, are both supposed to make hitting me more difficult. Tyler Woodman does my strength training and I must say that he constantly surprises my with new excersises.  On  Monday I am beginning to train with two sparring partners.  I keep a constant weight between 98-100kg. Running and swimming complete my daily training.

Last weekend was rich in events.  On Saturday my friends and I went to Philadelphia for a soccer match. Piotr Nowak had invited us. Piotr is a trainer for the Philadelhpia Union and the co- owner of the club is Nick Sakiewicz, he is of Polish descent.  Piotr Nowak’s team beat the New York red Bulls, who’s home field is located close to my home.  I cheered for Piotr’s team, who afterwards showed me around the stadium.  He promised that he will come to my fight against Vinny Maddalone on December 9th in Newark.

I realized that life in USA goes by way faster than in Poland. Here, life is rich in events. A few days ago Marcin Daniec visited with a new program. We saw him with our families and got a chance to talk about boxing. He surprised me with his knowledge of boxing and said that he dilligently follows my fights. I now know that besides Jerzy Kryszak, Marcin Daniec is the second comic who is a fan of mine.

An entry in the guest log inspired me to write another blog. I just got back from a three day stay in the mountanious Lake Placid which is known for the 1980 winter Olympics. Thanks to Ziggy Rozalski we went there with a group of friends where I played golf, swam in a pool and ran. The fresh mountain air reminded me of my home, Gilowice which close to Żywiecki lake.

I spent 9 days with my family in Poland. My calendar was filled up with meetings to this point, that I had only couple of hours to sleep. There was no time for acclimatization. Most of the meetings were with the family, but I spent a lot of time meeting with journalists and boxing fans..

The few days that I had in Poland I mainly spent with my family.  On Wednesday I went to Warsaw where I practically gave the whole day to the press.  In Champions Restaurant which is not only famous for being located close to the ring, I answered multiple questions from the press. There were also other nice accents.  Editor in chief of Gentleman Magazine, Mariusz Pujszo gave me with the Gentleman award 2010 which I had been awarded in June.  I could not attend the gala in June to receive the award because I was training for my fight with Grant

The fight with Michael Grant went down in history. Statisticians were writing about the fight details and the media were presenting various opinions about the fight. The standpoints were different from negative to positive. Boxing fans stated that they welcomed my last win but at the same time were unsettled. There were no knockouts in the fight and that inferred that I was not ready for the Kliczko brothers.

I have defeated Michael Grant. He had prepared very well, he well represented fouls with his elbow and showed destruction of my attacks. I have some claims to the judge, which let Grant hold my head down; this really disturbed me when I was trying to shorten up a distance and give some series of punches in corpus to him.

The Press Conference and the weighting are the announcements for upcoming fights. After Wednesday’s Press Conference, the Medias presented my and Michael’s chances of winning. They were quoting comments of the experts that know boxing very well. A lot of boxing experts said that there are a lot of chances of my win over Michael Grant.