I stood eye to eye with huge Michael Grant. Have you not been waiting for it a long time? Oh, there will be a lot happening in the ring on Saturday. He’s a big man with very long hands. But in the ring you have to have so much more- a heart to fight, quickness, strength in a punch, fast legs, resistance of the punches, and super strong mental.

The Program for this week before the fight Tomasza Adamek vs. Michael Grant.

Press conference: Wednesday 18.08.2010 , 1.00  p.m.

Today, I finished my trainings which were preparing me for the fight on August 21 with Michael Grant. I was preparing 11 weeks for the fight. I worked really hard and I got a form which will help me defeat the opponent, no matter what he and his trainer say in publicity. I must say, my training schedule arranged by my trainers, Roger Bloodworth and Tyler Woodman, was different from the previous ones. Strength exercises included a lot of elements which were building my strength; enhance endurance, improving the structure of certain parts of muscles.

The interest growth in me also verifies the amount of visits on the website. Recently, I announced the millionth user that visited my website. The person is the young Krzysztof Ceglarek from Sycewo, Poland. He is a boxing fan which regularly watches the fights and he’s giving me doping on every one of them. I’m glad that he was the millionth visitor on my website. As an Adamek fan, he sent the picture of him in Adamek shirt. From me as a prize, he gets the company polo T-shirt, a hat, and also the autographed photo. Congrats Krzysztof and thank you for an interest on my fights.