By Przemek Garczarczyk
Photo: Mike Gladysz/Adamek Team

“I have message for people who think that after Vitali Klitschko I will just cruise along, fighting only for money,” says former IBF cruiserweight and WBC light heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek (44-2, 28 KOs), who in his first heavyweight title fight lost to WBC champ Vitali Klitschko. “People who think that don’t know me. If you only fight for money you will lose because we have guaranteed purses before we step into the ring. I want to win, and it will never change.”  

On New Year in Abigail’s Café located in Linden, New Jersey, Tomasz Adamek met with singer and actress Izabella Trojanowska. The actress contucted the Polish New Year’s Eve in New Jersey and used the occasion to met with the Polish fighter. Trojanowska revealed that she is a huge fan of Adamek.

Ring 8 had there Annual Christmas Party yesterday, (Sunday, December 18th) and it was a Huge success. It was a sell out as they had approx. 500 boxing fans, and family members attend.

At the turn of November and December, Tomasz Adamek will appear in every polish television,  advertising new energy drink Vegas.

“The advertisement was shot in three days in Trojmiasto, Poland, by professional film studio from Sopot, which consisted of 50 people. During the first day, we filmed in Gdansk, the next day we moved to  City Tower, Gdynia. At the end, we went to Studio 2.” said Adamek.

By: Chris Olech

 The stadium inWroclawwas packed with adoring Tomasz Adamek fans that chanted and sang as their gladiator entered the ring. Both fighters looked in great physical form but the outstanding height differential was made evident from the very beginning.

By:Chris Olech

With only days left to the awaited heavyweight boxing clash, this fight has all the ingredients of an epic battle that will thrill fans around the world. Tomasz Adamek will be in his homeland of Poland chasing the coveted championship belt as he squares off against the tough Vitali Klitschko. “The whole country believes in me,” Adamek shared. “It’s very important to me! I know they say  I am not the favorite, but in Poland I will have millions cheering for me.”

There are only two weeks left to the end of Tomasz Adamek’s training camp before his WBC heavyweight championship fight with Vitali Klitschko which takes place on September 10th in Wroclaw, Poland. Tomasz is currently training in Bushkill, Pennsylvania.

By Chris Olech

Photos By Greg Bartnik

With the recent win over Haye, seemingly the Klitschko brothers are unstoppable in their reign of the heavyweight division. But there is one lone hero left who bleeds his country colors of white and red, the former Cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek. Revered by many as the one to take the heat off the Klitschko brothers momentum, he will have that exact opportunity to rewrite history on September 10th in Wroclaw Poland.